The cannibals are out long after good kids are in bed
They’re coming through the windows
And they’re coming for my head.

I’m fattened up for killing season
Helping God to find a reason
Just to feed me quickly to
The cannibal named ed.

The wintertime was long
But the warm winds are a-blowin now
And I’m looking to the sky
Like an optimistic summer sow.

The walls here aren’t sturdy
And songs of freedom fill my head
As I befriend
The cannibal named ed.

Feeding time is dangerous
Don’t touch the beast unless you must
He’s grinning through his shiny teeth
He’s dreaming of his bloody feast.

So try to find the safest distance
Or the path of least resistance
Lest you be fed to
The cannibal named ed
The cannibal named ed.

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