You don't know how I was then
All broken up, my pride was stolen
I lived a little lie
I wouldn't show the hurting inside

I was living in emptiness
I was out of love
Guard my heart, my wall was so high

You came in with all your confidence
you swept me away off the ground
you taught me to fly

Holding on until the next time
I can't get you out of my mind
If you were a drug
I'd be addicted to you
Every time that we say goodbye
I just die a little inside
How'd I fall so hard
I'm so addicted to you

Addicted to you...

Why couldn't this be simple
we'd live just like the other people
Now that you're far away
my missing is so constant heartache

'Cause those sparkles back in my eyes
I wish I could stay just like this
Don't want you to go

When you're far away
fantasize that you're in my arms
and I jump when I hear the phone


Addiction, it's hitting hard
Now it's got it's hold
Oh, I can't let go


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