I got this tension down to my bones
Feel it come whenever you are near
A new dimension I can't control
I don't know what's happening here

'cause One night with you And my heart just shatters
One night with you And now you're all that matters

I'm getting circles around my eyes
Half a way half of the time
This isn't.like me, to be insecure,
But I've never had my heart on the line

'cause One night with you And all my courage crumbles
One night with you Has made a strong girl stumble

When I'm with you,
When I'm with you
And you do what you do the way you do
I feel just like a baby
Maybe I should be going, knowing
When I'm with you,
When I'm with you
That's all I want to do, is what you do
And have you here to touch me, touch you
You don't know how much I want to,
When I'm with you

Don't know if you wan't it, just like I want it
You keep me quessing most of the time
But I got to have it, just like we had it,
It's the only thing on my mind

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