Lacuna Coil - Daylight Dancer

I got it off Lacuna Coil's website, so I think that credit goes to Mattia, the
tab's real author. Thanks!

Listen to the record for the time.

Standard Tuning: EBGDAE

Fig.1 starts after some vocal, keyboard, drums and bass only part
but i
think that there's some kind of acoustic riff under the keyboard.

|-----------6--|*-6--6--6-*| Repeat x 8
|--7--4--6--6--|*-6--6--6-*| On the last time let the last chord ring.

When you'll let ring that chord Cristina enters, and under her voice
there's a super heavy chord with the palm muting before the song goes into the chorus.

|----------6--| As before let the chord ring.
p.m. _____


|*-6---6--6--6-*| Repeat x 15 (On the 12th repeat the super heavy chord)

Then repeat Fig.1, Chorus and then

|-----------------| |-----|
|--7--6-----------| |-----|
|*-6--5--4--7--6-*|x 4, end with this chord, let it ring |--6--|
|*-4--3--4--7--6-*| |--6--|
|--------2--5--4--| |--4--|
|-----------------| |--4--|

Then, after the beginning's no guitar bit play Chorus x 2.


p.m.______: Palm Muting

Side Notes: Most of the song is exatc in my opinion. As i said in the tab,
i think there an acoustic guitar part in the intro and near the end, but
i couldn't figure it.
I hope this tab could be usueful to someone, my E-Mail is [email protected]
it write to me for anytype of message.
Excuse me for my poor english, but i'm italian.
bye to all of you.

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