Look Boy You Be Playing Games I Kno That You Nevea Change I'm Not Gone Put Up Wit This Bull I'm Do Sum Things Y You Runnin The Streets It Be Plenty Dudes Jockin Me I Be Being Sweet Sitting At Home Feeling Lonely Waiting On Yo Call Do You Call Mane Hell Naw You Ain't Got To Call Pack Ya Bags I'ma Holla Dog All About Yo Hustle So You Say Boy Keep It Real I See You Change You Ain't Giving Nothing On The Bill Playin Wit These Broads In The Streets While I'm Lovin You You Gone Lose Yo Life Y You Playin Wit My Heart Dude You Can Be Replaced I Got You I Can Get Another Ain't Nothin To It Thugs Comin By A Dozen So It's I'm The One Who Raised You Tolt You How To Be A Thug Gave You Portal Keep Fair Put You On With My Plug When I Live Yo Ass You Be Lookin Sick Real Stupid Want To Get Ya Love Back Huh Betta Gone

You Tell Me Anything And I Will Be A Damn Fool To Let You Get My Brain You Got To Take Care Home Before I Leave You Mane You Be Tring To Explain But You Nevea Change Quit Playing Games
I Dont Kno Wat It Is I Cant Seem To Understand We Was Ride Down Crying Anything 4 A Man But I Guess That's When We Messed Up Yaw Try To Take Exvanisha Of The Love That We Give Fukk Yaw Got Damnent In My Dude G I'm A G Even Harder Mane I Ain't Gone Get Caught Cause You Niggas Ain't Smarter Y You Lackin Wit Yo Love You Be Pushin Me Away Both Of Us Can Play The Game I Be Coming Home Late Wat You Do Want Do Mane Another Trick Will You Want No Nothin We'll Have Yo Ass Killet See Yaw Do It Wrong Messing Off In The Public Spenin Money On These Broads Kno You Sumbody Husband Do You Really Want To Lose To Us Always There 4 You 4 The Bitch That You Tosted Last Week Wit Yo Cousin You Betta Str8tin Up 4 Yo Lady Leave You Cause The Bullshit You Doin We Can Do The Shit To

[Chorus x2]

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