(feat. Mike Jones)
[La Chat]
I'm that ridin' spinners chick, I'm spinnin' on Duece Duece
From 17's to 20's ya girl, been ran through
I been ridin' on chrome, turnin' you hata's domes
Wit' my truck bumpin' bumpin' - I'm pullin' up atcha home!
Ain't no cell phone talkin' when you ridin' with me
I got two sets of 12's wit' NO backseat!
My rims gotta be flickin' everywhere that I go
I jump out, & crack a smile, catch a glimpse of my golds!
I ride all hot spots, 'cuz I gotta be seen
I got a old school ride, wit' da flushed out seats!
& you know the shit dat hot, that chromed out heat!
[Chorus: La Chat & Mike Jones]
The rims on my Chevy go round & round
Round & round, round & round
I got the dro rolled up, pass it round & round
Round & round, round & round
[Mike Jones]
[La Chat]
Hey dude, where da dro at?
Pass me the chronic back
Still I got to smoke, I ain't tryin' to pass the junt back!
I be stayin' focused, plenty of you know this
Put a hurtin' on you boys, 'cuz you think I'm jokin'!
I'm SO forreal, I ain't got no time to play
I be busy, know to smoke, ridin' out, ALL DAY!
Y'all know da deal wit' me, got plenty on my mind
Nigga - while I stay out on the grind
Everything that I got, is the things I deserve
I ain't tryin' to look back, I'm tryin' to get FARTHER
Real balla's like my style, love the fact that I am wild
Wit' a stout burr belly & a carrot gold smile!
It ain't nuttin' to a mac, mane I do what I do
I can have ANY dude, if it's you that I choose!
Pull up, half spinnin', is it me or is the RIMS, that got yo' attention boy?
[Mike Jones]

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