Hello out there!
We're about ready to begin our program

This is dedicated to those who view hip hop as a voyage
And on those voyagers we take you there

* the DJ cuts Guru saying "In this business I witness trickiness" *

First chapter a little wooden vessel set afloat
With few passengers rhythms flatten the sail
For a voyage where they wail thoughts yell thoughts
Plotted over party grooves, but soon the party kinda grew
And everybody kinda grew, when the money came through
So now the wooden vessel's gotta go
A yacht with outboard motor heave the hoe
To the show man more cats flows enough to buy The Love Boat
Luxury, but it puzzle me, how no one seemed to see
The one's sneakin on -- the boat must be too big
Fakes movin in to mix and mingle with the voyagers
Ahoy it's land ho, the voyage comes to end
But more sneakin in, so castaway the stowaways
* the DJ cuts Guru saying "In this business, I witness trickiness" *
"Some MC's are into stickiness.."

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