say it once, say it twice, or a million times
say you'll love, say you'll need me til' the end of times
say those 3 little words I cant wait to hear
say that you'll love don't waste any time
say it once, say it twice, or a million times
with a kiss from your lips even with a smile
with the touch of your hands with a warm embrace
say that you'll love me in every way

(Verse 1)
when you're home alone
I want to hold u close
look into your eyes and hear those three little words
coming from your heart
from deeply inside your soul
so you can prove to me that you won't let me go
I light the candle lights
and lay you on the floor
and kiss your body slowly from your head to your toes
cause I can feel you shake
in every breath you take
when I can vaguely hear every word as you say

hold me
touch me
cause this just feels so rite
kiss me
love me
just love me through the night


(Verse 2))
as we are making love
I hold your body tight
and looking at the clock don't want to have some self time
cause I when I'm close to you
that's all I want to do
or I would be so lost if I didn't have you
don't matter who's around
don't matter where the place
I just want to tell that I'll love you always
you know you hold my heart
you know you hold the key
my door is open for you for always



Just say those 3 little words
the words I've been wanting to hear
now don't waste any time
say it once
say it twice
say it a million times



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