I am the night I am the moon at your window
everyone knows the fool that I am
Like a bird making roots for winter
Can you recall we used to be friends?

I am the day I am the sun in your garden
Maybe i light the way to your heart
Like a song playing after evening
everyone knows the fool that I am

Love is coming 'round again
Have you spent your chances worriyng?
have you seen or need a friend?

Everyone is looking for something
everyone is looking for someone

I am the smile that will secretly offer
no hesitation for your delight
before hurt before love was questioned
And we believed in love at first sight


Fool that I am but I can see you tumbling and turning,
never learning, I don't understand
Fool, fool
Love me forever fool that I am
Here at your service fool that I am
the fool that I am

(Thanks to kiko for these lyrics)

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