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A Thug's Love Story (chapter i ii Iii)
Black Widow
Blaze Wit Ya'll
Blowin' up in The World
Bosses Lady
Can't Stop The Shine
Cannon Fire
Da Bosses Lady
Daddy Figure
Death Threat
Drama (Bitch _Igga)
Executioner Style
Fast Life
Fight Club
First Nigga (Primo Remix)
For da Brothaz
Foul Cats
Fuck u Man
Gangsta Gangsta
Ghetto Knows
Good Die Young
Hitman's Diary
Holla Back
Home Sweet Funeral Home
It's a Shame
It's Nothin'
Legendary Street Team
Let The Games Begin
Money on my Brain
My Life
One Dark Night
Oz Theme 2000
Take 'em to War
Tekilla Sunrise
The Streets
Thug Chronicles
Thug Chronicles (Unreleased Version)
Thug For Life
Thugs Anthem
Thugs Love Story (Chapter I, Ii, Iii)
Where You At