...broadcasting listening tonight
Yes I'm that preacher everybody's talking about
The Doctor Williams givin' out them red hot lessons ten dollars
New York and New Jersey every week
All the way down the east coast
>From Boston clean down to Atlanta Georgia last week
I tore down the east coast
And from somewhere I hear
Do somethin' to help you
Do somethin' to help yourself
Come get your mojo hey
Go in to Atlanta City an' be a winner
Go down to Atlanta City come back fat as a rat
Why should you be a loser when you can be a winner
Yes ma'am yes sir I-
Brooklyn New York
Brooklyn New York
Get ready
Doctor Williams will be in Brooklyn New York
Tomorrow evenin' Monday evenin'
6 pm until 8 pm
I'm talkin' to the hot red hot
Big money spending scum
An' you be here
6 o'clock tomorrow evenin'
And then I hear
Bronx New York
Get on the telephone
Call 50 of your friends
Tell all your friends who need some help
Doctor Williams comin' to the Bronx New York
Doctor Williams comin' to the Bronx New York
Doctor Williams will be in the Bronx New York
Straight straight hot hot hot hot hot red hot
Big money blessed cash nobody stop these suckers
Not even the devil in hell can't stop it
I want you to know I love you
I'm talkin' to you baby
I'm talkin' to you sucker
I love you
I love you
I have a special phone number where you can call me so that I can send
you a special gift

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