You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl
Watch that scene
Diggin the dancing queen
Every time I saw TV
Or I read the newspaper
There were all these stories
About Stevie and the Raper
The Zercon connection
And the Peter Reich case
The loonie land times
With their budget in disgrace
I asked myself
What am I to believe
When the cancer is a killer
John Player wins a lead
With masters of the universe
And designer death
They all be talkin
About Princess Di's dress
Yes, This is a very nice dress
When I was younger,
I knew just who to hate
From the teachers in our classroom
To the leaders of our state
I've registered to vote
This pleasant land's free
So I took the intercity
For democracy and me
I knocked at the door
But they did na let me in
So I kicked it down
And I walked right in
She was standing at the bar
While Healy cut his truss
Question time, make it work
Dancing queen
Dancing queen
Oh yeah
You can jive
See that girl
Dancing queen
I just want to know
Who's in control
Is it you or god
Or the bloke down the dole
Her answers were shate
But I dinna give up
So I went to the law
But it dint even wake up
So I went to the palace
That good queen bess
She asked me to dance
Said she'd like a rest
Boy D'll be king
"I'd love to get the throne"
Here's the keys to the castle
Your in control
Dancing queen
Proud and sweet
Only seventeen
"Wot about Charles?"
"I like Charles"
Dancing queen
Feel the beats on the tabourine
Oh, yeah!
"Rock, I've got the kingdom"
Having the time of her life
"You want a ?"
"What you talking about, do I get to go home first?"
"? me an rock"
"I want a lot of money"
"Have you ever met ABBA?"
"I'd love to meet ABBA"
"They used to be one of my favorite groups"
God save the Queen!
You can da
You can ji
Having the time of her life
See that girl
Dancing queen
God save the Queen, yeah, just destroy!!!

Fuck that! Let's listen to the JAMS!

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