Imagine me loving what I see when the mirror looks at me cause I, I imagine me.

In a place, of no insecurities and I'm finally happy cause I imagine me.

Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me cause they never did deserve me, can you imagine me.

Saying no to thoughts that try to control me, remembering all you told me, Lord can you imagine me?

Over what my momma said, and healed from what my daddy did and I wanna live and not read that page again.

Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally, finally I can imagine me, I admit it was hard to see you being in love with someone like me, finally I can imagine me.

Imagine me

Being strong and not letting people break me down, you won't get that joy this time around. Can you imagine me?

In a world, in a world nobody has to live afraid, because of your love, it's gone away, can you imagine me.

Letting go of my past and glad I have another chance and not hard to dance cause I don't have to read that page again.

(Repeat Chorus 2x’s)

Kirk talks:
This song is dedicated to people like me, those that struggle with insecurities, acceptance and even self esteem, you never felt good enough, you never felt pretty enough but imagine God whispering in your ear letting you know that everything that has happened is now.

Gone, Gone, Its’ Gone, All Gone
Repeat 8

Kirk’s remarks
( Um It’s All Gone. Every Sin, Every Mistake, Every Failure Its’ All Gone!
Depression Gone By Faith It’s Gone
Low Self Esteem, Halleluiah Its Gone, All Gone,
It’s Gone All My Scars All My Pain It’s In The Past , Its’ Yesterday Its’ All Gone( Can’t Believe Its’ Gone) What Your Mother Did, What Our Father Did, Halleluiah (Its’ Gone All Gone Oh Whoa))

Oh na-na-na
Oh na-na-na-na-na-na
Repeat 3 X’s
Oh na-na-na-na-na-na
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