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Across The Universe
Ain't Crying For The Moon
Always on The Run
And I Love Her
Bad I Am
Bon Scott
Borrowed Time
Can't Deny
Can't Put Out & Not Take Back
Can't Resist
Can`t Fake Affection
Can`t Let go
Cold Ground
Connecting Pain
Crown Of Moscow
Didn't Understand
Do I Belong
Do You Dare
Do You Like It
Easy Talking Hardline
Fake Believer
Free Bird
Free Your Mind
Friends In Spirit
Get It On (2006 Version)
Get Up My Friend
Glove Of Stone
Gonna Change
Gonna Lose Her
Gonna Try
Gotta Go
Gotta Move Now
Hang 'em High
Hey Man
High On Love
Highway 6
Hope Is On Fire
I Can Feel It
I Don't Care
I've Been Trying
Inhaling The Silence
It Ain't So Bad
Joe English
Just Like A Wild Rose
King Of Nothing
Law of Emotions
Little Wild Thing
Living Out of Touch
Look At You
Loving You
Mad Queen
Mean Dirty Joe
Mighty Old Man
More Restrictions
Need A Free Mind
Not Here To Be Your Friend
Now Forever After
Only Rainbows Know
Passion Departed
Perfect 'o'
Perfect Citizen
Pushin' Hard
Rather be on my Own
Religion Needs No Winner
Removed The Sting
Same Old Stars
Seen Enough
Should Have Told You
Shout it Out
Silhouette Paintings
Slow Down
Talked Too Much
Tell Me What I've Done
Thank You All
The Shuffle
The Wind
This Is My Life
Time To Realign
Too Late (с переводом)
Twilight Cruiser
Two Legged Sheep
Watch The Dragonfly
What Love Can Be
Who Do You Love
With The Sun In Mind
You're my Secret
You're Not The Only i Know