Can't Find The Words
Can't Lose Them All
Cant Find The Words (с табами)
Cant Find The Words (с аккордами)
Come Around
Cowards In A Brave New World
Didn't I
Don't Let Me Down Easy
Dont Let me Down Easy (с табами)
Echoes Of Love
Every River
Every River (с табами)
From Where I Stand
From Where i Stand (с табами)
From Where I Stand (с аккордами)
Hard To Say Goodbye
Hello Old Friend
Here I Go Again
Here i go Again (с табами)
Here I Go Again (с аккордами)
I Know
If You Don't Mind
Im Alright (с табами)
Just Like The Moon
Just Like The Moon (с табами)
Just Like The Moon (с аккордами)
Just My Luck
Just my Luck (с табами)
Let It Roll
Let The Sun Fall Down
My Whole World
Other Side Of Town
Straight As The Crow Flies
Sweet Mysteries
That's A Lie
That's Exactly What I Mean
Thats a Lie (с табами)
Thats A Lie (с аккордами)
The Lonesome Side Of Town
The Way It Never Was
Those Words We Said
Those Words we Said (с табами)
Those Words We Said (с аккордами)
To Tell The Truth
Why Can't I Say Goodnight
Wildest Dreams
You'll Never Know
Youll Never Know (с табами)
Youll Never Know (с аккордами)