Well I've got to hand it to you
But I know you won't take it
The truth about you is such that
You would never be able to fake it
And now you find yourself at this dead end
With hardly the heart to get off the couch
And start over again
But I can see it Davey
The tunnel from the other end
When we get through it we'll be waving to you
We'll walk in the sun again
Walk in the sun
We'll walk in the sun again
We were always the good ones
We were the ones who took it too hard
No one bothers you when you're quiet
No one bothers to notice you take it too far
How fragile we are
But I can see it Davey?
There'll be a day when this will all seem far away
I've got an aerial view, it's just a cloud over you Davey
If I could I'd just hand it to you
Wrap it up up like a Christmas present
A box full of hope the color of sky
And the truth about hell and heaven
But I can see it Davey?

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