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(Let Me up) I've Had Enough
(Long) Gone
Aberdeen (с табами)
Blue on Black (с табами)
Blue On Black
Born With A Broken Heart
Born With a Broken Heart (с табами)
Chase The Rainbow
Deja Voodoo (с табами)
Deja Voodoo
Everbody Gets the Blues
Everybody Gets The Blues (с табами)
Everything Is Broken
I Don't Live Today
I Found Love
I Found Love (When I Found You)
I'm Leaving You
I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime)
I've Had Enough
Im Leavin You (с табами)
Ive Had Enough (с табами)
King's Highway
Ledbetter Heights
Ledbettter Heights (с табами)
Nothing To Do With Love
One Foot on The Path (с табами)
One Foot on the Path
One Foot on The Path (guitar Parts Tabs) (с табами)
Riverside (с табами)
Shame Shame Shame (с табами)
Shame Shame Shame
Slow Ride
Slow Ride (с табами)
Somehow Somewhere Someway
Trouble Is
True Lies
What's Goin' Down
Whats Goin Down (с табами)
While we Cry (с табами)
While We Cry [live]