There's something in my soul ain't right I can't sleep at night wondering when
The change gonna come feeling that I'm not the only one tell me when I turn
You off doctor said It's not my fault all the neighbors stop and said pastor
Said to say in prayer
(chorus) It will rain there'll be pain troubles will come, understand,
Counting on joy, morning will come, (after the rain) the sun will shine, keep
Your head high
I cant believe the way you talk seems you want to call it off, friends see you
Treating me like dirt, what happen to for better or worst, I need answers, (can
You tell me) too much pressure (I don't understand you) too many questions
(chorus) repeat 1x (I've tried) tried to leave you, boy I love you (I can't let
Go) seems I can't let go, ooh,ooh ooh, ooh,oh, I don't ever!
Wanna lose my baby, but this pain is driving me crazy, feels like I'm going in
Sane, but I gotta be strong (chorus) repeat 2x's

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