From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 10:49:23 +0000
Subject: Sweet Guy. By Paul Kelly
Hello Music Lovers. This is my first entry into this guitar archive
so I thought I would put in one of my favourite tunes for the
accoustic guitar. This is a song by Paul Kelly, who is an Australian
solo artist that has been recognised as one of our greatest song
writers of all time. He is famous for his accoustic ballads like
this one which I will give you the chords for here.
Just a quick note. If you have a friend with a nice strat sitting
by, get him/her to play with you by slowly picking the chords while
you strum. That's how it sounds on the recording, and it's a pretty
cool sound. Ok I'll get on with it now.
Sweet Guy By Paul Kelly.
4/4 Time
Intro 8 bars
Am / / / Dm / / /
Am / / / Dm / / /
(Verse1. Same strumming pattern)
Am Dm
In the morning you wreck the bed. You bring me coffee black and
F Am
Then we start up again. And the coffee goes cold
Am Dm
I wake up drinking from your lips. Kisses warm and tender
F Dm
And I would give up the world. Just to see your smile
Am G F
One thing I would never understand
Am G D
It's become my problem
Am G F
And It's something right out of my hands
My hands are clean
(No Chord. Just sing it )
What makes such a sweet guy turn so mean.
4 bars Accoustic strum
Am / / / Dm / / /
( Verse 2. Same Chord Progression)
I went to town with a moody man. A handsome Doctor Jekyll
He was right by my side. Turning into Mr Hyde.
I ran for cover but I ran too slow. I was stitched by strangers.
And they shook their heads that someone could do the things you did.
( Chorus 2 Same as before)
......What makes such a sweet guy turn so mean.
(Instrumental Break)
This is just the accoustic playing the Am /// Dm/// F/// Am///
pattern once
( Bridge )
I must be mad I must be crazy
F7 Am
Every one keeps telling me so
Every day I seem it coming
F7 D7
Now Im facing the wall waiting for the blow
( Verse 3. No Accoustic chords for first two lines. Only the electric picking )
In the morning you kiss my head. You say it was another.
Now you're down on your knees begging me to forgive you please
Am Dm
I wake up aching from your touch, Every muscle tender
F Dm
Then I look in your eyes the way you smile. And I'm hypnotised.
( Final Chorus)
same as before
( Outro )
Repeat and fade
Am / / / Dm / / /
Well that's over. If you wan't any more cool Australian music
transcribed for you. Drop me a line at [email protected]
Thank-you all

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