48 Angels
After The Show
Already Gone
Anastasia Changes Her Mind
Beautiful Feeling
Before The Old Man Died
Before Too Long (с табами)
Before Too Long
Beggar on The Street of Love (с табами)
Beggar On The Street Of Love (с аккордами)
Beggar On The Street Of Love
Between Two Shores
Big Fine Girl
Big Heart
Billy Baxter
Blue Stranger
Blues For Skip
Change Your Mind
Deeper Water
Dumb Things (с табами)
Dumb Things (с аккордами)
Dumb Things
Every Fucking City
From Saint Kilda (с табами)
From Saint Kilda To Kings Cross (с аккордами)
From St Kilda To Kings Cross
Ghost Town (с табами)
Ghost Town (с аккордами)
Glory Be To God
How To Make Gravy (с аккордами)
How To Make Gravy
I Close My Eyes And Think Of You
I Still Pray Feat Kasey Chamber
I'd Rather Go Blind
I'll Be Your Lover Now
If I Could Start Today Again
Maybe This Time For Sure
Midnight Rain
Somewhere In The City
Sweet Guy (с табами)
Sweet Guy (с аккордами)
Taught by Experts (с табами)
The Beat Of The Heart
The Beat Of Your Heart
To Her Door (с табами)
To Her Door
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