You should see her every morning
In my faded flannel shirt
Wearing her big bear slippers
She's so sexy that it hurts
And when I take her to the city
You should see her turning heads
They've never seen nothin' so pretty
She can't help but knock 'em dead, yeah

She's got a kiss that burns me down
She's got a touch that makes me come unwound
She's got a smile that knocks me to the ground
My baby's got the kinda love a man can wrap around

She's the perfect combination
Of Ginger and Mary Ann
Down home sophistication
Ain't no lines in her tan, naw
Sometimes she likes to hear Sinatra
Sometimes ZZ Top
But if you crank La Cucaracha
She'll dance until you, she'll dance until you drop


Oh, I don't think God ever
Never made anything better


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