Cut off Wranglers and bikinis on the railroad bridge
Dive into the river then climb up and jump again
When the sun is settin' we head down to the beer barn
Grab a couple keggers and we roll out to the farm

Park ours pickups in a circle, let the tailgates down
Laugh while everybody's gettin' drunk as Cooter Brown
Crankin' everything from Brooks & Dunn to Aerosmith
Out here in the country that's the way we get our kicks

Yeah, we like to keep it simple, y'all, in everything we do
Got our own kind of laid-back livin', if you don't mind, thank you
We love the kind of music you can feel down in your soul
Give us three chord country and American rock & roll

We like to pick our guitars with the neighbors all night long
Sip on granny's moonshine while we sing Bocephus songs
Listen to ol' granddad preach about red, white, and blue
And how he kicked Hitler's ass in 1942


'Old Dogs and Watermelon Wine' does us just fine
'Little Pink Houses' and 'I Walk the Line'
It doesn't take much to have ourselves a good time


'Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind', darlin'
'I'm Wanted Dead Or Alive'
'Dream On, Dream On'

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