A Little Bit Lonesome
A Million Tears
Am i Not Pretty Enough?
Another Lonly Day
Barricades & Brickwalls
Better Be Home Soon
Captain (с аккордами)
Colour Of A Carnival
Cry Like A Baby
Don't Go
Don't Look So Sad
Don't Talk Back
Dont Talk Back (с аккордами)
Everything's Turning To White
Falling Into You (с переводом)
Follow You Home
Freight Train
Guilty As Sin
Hard Road
Hard Way
Heartbreak, Heartmend
I Got You Now
I Still Pray
I Still Pray (с аккордами)
If I Could
If I Were You
If I Were You (с аккордами)
Ignorance (с переводом)
Last Hard Bible
Light Up A Candle
Like A River
Little Sparrow
Living On The Railroad
Lost & Found
Lost & Found
More Than Ordinary
Mr Baylis
Not Pretty Enough
Not Pretty Enough (с аккордами)
Nothing At All
Nullarbor Song
Nullarbor Song (с аккордами)
On A Bad Day
On A Bad Day (с аккордами)
Paper Aeroplane
Runaway Train (с переводом)
Saddle Boy
Sign On The Door
Sing On The Door
Southern Kind of Life
Still Feelin' Blue
The Captain (с аккордами) (с переводом)
The Flower
These Pines (с аккордами)
These Pines
This Mountain
Too Long in The Wasteland
Top Of The World
True Colours
Wayward Angel
We're All Gonna Die Someday
You Got The Car (с аккордами)
You Got The Car
You Make Me Sing