С переводом

Another Number
Born To Be A Dancer
Boxing Champ
Brightest Star
Caroline, Yes
Every Day I Love You Less And Less
Everyday I Love You Less And Less (с переводом)
Everything Is Average Nowadays
Good Bad Right Wrong
Hard Times Send Me
Heat Dies Down
I Can Do It Without You
I Cast A Spell On You
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
I Predict A Riot
Learnt My Lesson Well
Less Is More
Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)
Modern Way
My Kind Of Guy
My Life
Na Na Na Na Naa
Not Surprised
Oh My God
Saturday Night
Seventeen Cups
Sink that Ship
Take My Temperature
Team Mate
Thank You Very Much
The Angry Mob
The Letter Song
Think About You (And Like It)
Time Honoured Tradition
Try Your Best
What Did I Ever Give You_
Will You Be Next_
Wrecking Ball
You Can Have It All