1 - 2
Jurassic crew
What we 'bout to do
Brothers have no clue
3 - 4 tear down the door & give the party people what they came here for

My pleasure principle from the streets of south central
Ghetto hip-hop non-stop fundamentals
Urban curve servin vocabulary surgeon
Rebel with the turban & street corner sermon
I keep it workin for certain closed curtain
Renegade rider for truth when I'm dispursin
That body rock movement ghetto baby music
We heat the ghetto with the inner-city coolness
Who's this?

Slicing the rhyme to square bits
Burning through open skin
Like newly prepared grits
It's tuna fish
I'm bringing the bad news
And changin yo bad views
If you thinkin that cash rules - oooh
Puff a nickle
Blow words like snot speckles
When shots echo some duck and hide
Like doc jeckle, like Don Wrickles
I'm kickin lines that stop heckles
Correctin all who think dem bumbaclot special

I've got my mind on my money for those that comprehend
And money on whatever I think I look fresh in
Question is he steppin authentic
Controller of the pen and frankin scented lieutenant
Spit it yo despite you critics comments
Knowin it ain't a hotter verse than Zaakir Mohammed
Whatever last or first or bottom or top [
Now is it stop hip hop or hip hop don't stop

You need to protect ya neck
You da kinda brotha that be chasin checks
Me and my crew crash through and get nuff respect
Basic Beck drinkers
I'm beyond the average thinker
Break an MC down like my name was Dr. shrinker
Passion pink Mc's wearing mink MC's
On the brink Mc's you need to think Mc's
About to sink Mc's don't even speak Mc's
Cause half the shit you kickin sounding
Weak Mc's


I'm razor sharp with mine
Sunset till sun
I admit I used to bite people shit when I was young
Back in 83 before my rhyme was preferred
Now my connection with the word is superb primo my "AC" 310
The first confidential inscribe my initial
The Z double aki and r submerge and submarine words
And near and far cause I'm too hot to handle to cold to freeze
And I'ma dis any nigga that sound like me

Breeze through the trees
Feel the flavor at ease
Degrees of melodies typewriter mc's
Stay on they Q's & P's
With in my vicinity
Department of correctional rhyme ability
Keep the biters on lock
Rock no silk but still shock
Rhyme around the clock

From dawn to dusk
My raps is mac trucks
You smucks is outta luck
I'm ready to run a muck
Slicing the rhyme to square bits
Burning through open skin
Like newly prepared grits
It's tuna fish

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