There's a gentle artifice to loving
That to it all we gently bring
You know, I learned how to kiss you
Watching old movies starring James Dean
And the candles we light
For atmosphere are mostly made in Tokyo or Taiwan
Sometimes I think I love you most when you're off somewhere gone

These things take patience
And good taste
And a taste for wasting time
I love you wasting mine
You fill the empty hours just fine

You know you ask for the moon, they bring you these dying stars
A thousand points of blight
A million unmade beds like fading smiles
At least they brighten up the night for a little while
A story of too much too soon and not enough
Later, already begun to hate her
I've seen it all before
We take want and the rest we need
It leaves us clamoring for more and more and more


Just wait till now becomes then
You'll see how happy we were
You'll concur
You'll agree
You'll see
Listen to me

In the candlelight, tonight's atmosphere
You look kinda like a movie star, it's true
And I gotta pinch myself to make sure you're still here
You're my favorite thing, my favorite thing to do

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