This is our story
It's a short one but it's a hard harsh read
Between the lines a little aching need
We're a strange arrangement
No strings
And the music we make is serpentine
And bittersweet
In my youth, you know
I loved you like gangbusters and now
I watch you fall
Twisting turning growing small
You're a roomful of sorrow
A spoonful of joy
Another infidelity, another pin
Another golden glitter boy

I want you, I know it's crazy but I
Really wanna leave you too
I want you
Boy oh boy you bring me joy
And then you mke me blue
I love to love you
I'm a fool
You're callous and you're cold
And oh so cruel

I'm starting to forget things
Faces, names
Games played, plans layed
Surely there were promises made
Good love is easy to find but
It's hard to keep
And though I hate it when you wake
I still love to watch you sleep


Remember the early days
When nickes were dimes and a dollar
Took us everywhere
I don't think I ever combed my hair
Is this our story
Is this where the loving starts
In the stillness
The staring, the hardening of hearts
We're a strange arrangement
No strings
This is not my place
These are not mythings, it's not my way
The pain love brings


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