С табами

All I'll Ever Ask
All I’ll Ever Ask
American Hearts
Beau's All Night Radio Love Line
Beautiful in my Eyes (с табами)
Beautiful in My Eyes
Begging For Grace (Dragonfly Wings)
Carolina's Eyes
Cherry Bowl Drive-in
Delilah Blue
Desert Flower
El Diablo Amor
Fragile Days
Georgia Rain
Greyhound Bound
Greyhound Bound For Anywhere
I Believe In You
I'll Just Let My Piano Play
Invisible Man
Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot
Listen To The Lambs
Love's Sure Been Good To Me
Mama's Arms
Molly In The Mirror
My Father's Son
Painted Desert Seranade
Painted Desert Serenade
Picture Postcards From L A
Rosie And Pauly
Song For a Grounded Angel
Take It On Faith
That's Alright
The Gospel According To My Ol' Man
The Pearl
The Song On Neffertiti's Radio (My Love)
Waiting In Green Velvet
When a Woman Cries