Iґve kept it inside much too long
Thereґs no relief
Carry it around just like a stone
Too heavy for me

I had paid the price
Of standing on the outside looking in

Itґs time to let the healing begin

A boy is strung out heґs going through hell
His mother weeps
His spirit is broken and thereґs nothing left
Just a terrible need

And the days are marked by the heaviness of the heart
It never mends
Until the healing begins

And the tension prowls the street like an animal
The people stay behind their locks and chains
Itґs a shame
When so many are trying their best to live as one
And the smoke from the fires covers up the sun

A young girl is lying in the dirt
Her dreams ended there
Caught in the crossfire of somebodyґs turf
Hatred in the air

Itґs avoice that never sings
A winter without a spring
It never ends
Itґs time to let the healing begin
Itґs time to let the healing begin

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