Big Sam left Seattle in the year of 1902
With George as his partner and brother Billy too
They crossed the Yukon River found the Bonanza gold
Beneath that old White Mountain just a little southeast of Nome
Sam crossed the majestic mountain to valleys far below
He talked to his team of huskys as he mushed on through the snow
Well the northern lights were running wild in the land of the midnight sun
Yes Sam McCord was a mighty man in the year of 1901
Where the river is winding big nuggets they're finding
North to Alaska go north the rush is on
Way up north north to Alaska way up north north to Alaska
North to Alaska go north the rush is on
[ piano ]
Well George turned to Sam with this gold in his hand
Said Sam you're a looking at a lonely lonely man
I'd trade all the gold that's burried in this land
For one little band of gold to place on sweet little Jeannie's hand
Cause a man needs a woman to love him all the time
Where the river is winding...

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