(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
90's Kids
A Little Jazz
Avenue Of The Stars
Baby I'm A Want You
Bedtime Stories
Can I Go Now
Can't Stand In The Way Of Love
Cool With You
Cool With You (с табами)
Couldn't Find Another Man
Dancing Queen
Don't Push The River
Don't Turn Your Head Away
Dont Throw it All Away
Everywhere I Go
First Taste Of Love
First Time
Fly Away Like Always
Free To Be A Woman
Hey Everybody
How do I deal
I Always Was Your Girl
I Believe In
I Know You Will
I Want A Love I Can See
I'll Find You
I'm Gonna Love You
In Another Life
In Another Life (с табами)
It's Good to Know I'm Alive
Just Try
Kiss Away From Heaven
Last Night
Let's go Bang
Listen To Your Heart
Love Will Show You Everything (с переводом)
Me & Bobby Mcgee
Me & Bobby Mcgee (Bonus Track)
My Only Love
Never a Day Goes by
Never a Day Goes By(acoustic Version)
No Ordinary Love
Please Save us The World
Rock The Roll
Stand in Your Way
The Difference Between us
The Garden
The Greatest Word
Try To Say Goodbye
What's It Gonna Take
Where You Gonna Run To_
Won't You Be Mine
You Can Dance You Can Jive Having The Time of Your Life
You Can Dance, You Can Jive, Having The Time Of Yo
You Make me Smile