I can't see em comin down
Your eyes so I had to make
This song cry I can't see
Em comin down your eyes so
I had to make this song cry
Good dudes I know you
Lov eme like you cooked
Food eventhough a nigga
Got move like a crook move
We was together on the
Block since we lunch we
Should've been together
Having 4 season brunch
We use to use umbrellas
To face the bad whether
So now we travel first
Clbutt to change the forecast
Never in bunches just me
And you i love your point
Of view cause you held no
Punches still I left you
On months on end it's been
Months since I checked back
In where somewher in a small
Town somewhere lockin a mall
Down woodgrain four and
Change Armor all'd down
I can understand why you
Want a divorce now though
I can't let you know it
Pride won't let me show
It pretend to be heroic
That's just one to grow
With but deep inside a nigga
So sick
I can't see em comin
Down your eyes so I
Had to make this song
Cry (repeat 2x's)
On repeat, the CD of
Big's Me and My Bitch
Watching Bonnie and Clyde
Pretending to be that sh*t
Empty gun in your hand
Sayin let me see that
Clip shoppinsprees pull
Out your Visa quick a
Nigga had very bad
Credit you helped me
Lease that whip you
Helped me get the keys
To that V dot 6 we was
So happy poor but when
We got rich that's when
Our signals crossed and
We got flipped rather mine
I don't know what made me
Leave that sh*t made me
Speed that quick let me
See that's it it was the
Cheese help them bitches
Get amnesia quick I used
To cut up they buddies
No they syain they love
Me used to tell their
Friends I'm ugly and
Wouldn't touch me then
I showed up in that dubbed
Out buggy and then they
Got fussy and they don't
Remember that and I
Don't remember you
Repeat 4x's

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