I heard a shot last nightit woke me up from my sleep.
There’s no such thing as friendly fire.
Oh mamadon’t turn on the lights
Oh papaget away from the window
You never know which way the angel’s comin in.
And the water’s gonna roll. roll up the dirty streets
And the wind’s gonna blow out the lights.
Rock the world to sleepI don’t wanna be left behind
And get caught between the lines drawn across this town
Runnin’ out of neutral ground.
Somebody’s waitin’ for my brother
To them he’s just another number.
To me he never did no wrong
My sisterdon’t be pulled in.
Don’t make the same mistake again
There’s just no way to even up this score.
I can’t be no judgeI can’t be no jury.
I don’t even know what’s right or wrong.
I stand between the walls
These walls are bigger than life
Seems like they’ll never get enough.

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