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A Legend in His Own Mind (ladies Love 'sip)
Back To The People
Big Big Butt, by Infectiphibian
Boom Boom Boom
Caca de Kick
Closed Session
Cousin Randy
Cousin Randy (с аккордами)
Die Lika Pig
Do The Sinister
Do The Sinister +++
Do What I Tell Ya!
Don't Stop, Spread The Jam!
Don't Stop, Spread The Jams! +
Dont Stop Spread The Jam (с аккордами)
Fame +
Feed The Monkey
Frustrated Again
Groove Family Cyco
I Look Funny?
I'm Gonna Be My King
Immigrant Song
Immigrant Song +
Infectious Blues
Infectious Grooves
Infecto Groovalistic
Infecto Groovalistic (с аккордами)
Made it
Made It (с аккордами)
Mandatory Love Song
Monster Skank
No Budget|dust Off The 8-track!
No Cover/2 Drink Minimum
No Cover|2 Drink Minimum
Please Excuse This Funk Up (с аккордами)
Punk It Up (с аккордами)
Punk It Up
Rules Go Out The Window
Savor Da Flavor
Savor da Flavor *
Slo-Motion Slam
Slo-motion Slam *
Spric (Or Spreck Or Sprick, Whatever. It's Not Lis
Spric (or Spreck or Sprick, Whatever. It's Not Listed)
Stop Funk'n With My Head
The Man Behind The Man
These Freaks Are Here (с аккордами)
These Freaks Are Here To Party
These Freaks Are Here to Party ++
Three Headed Mind Pollution
Three Headed Mind Pollution (с аккордами)
Three Headed Mind Pollution ++
Turn Your Head
Turtle Wax (Funkaholics Anonymous)
Violent & Funky
Violent & Funky
Violent And Funky (с аккордами)
You Lie... And Yo Breath Stank
You Pick Me Up (Just To Throw Me Down) 'therapy'
You Pick me up (just to Throw me Down) Therapy **