Found a note of words this very morning
Written on the best paper you could find
You left it on your favourite table
And I expected your goodbye
It said (like) something about separation
It said for the two of us only good
It said like fly in our own direction
And spread our souls across the world
Sweet Marie I'm alive

Last night I went a walking down by the lakeside
It was a hot balmy night and three ducks flew by
I came to a tree I said hi can I sit here
And listen to the crickets lullabye
And I will make you a basket
From the rushes by the lakes
Put your memories and thoughts in it
Take as long as it might take

Oh I hope you find your good fortune
I hope you find peace in everything you do
I hope the colours of the rainbow
Colour your clothing
And I know you'll find love
I do

Sweet Marie I'm alive

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