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(You Gotta) Fight Your Right (To Party)
1000 Lies
Blood Bond
Blood Sucker
Break The Evil
Clash My Soul
Current Of Death
Dancing With The Dead (с переводом)
Decapitated Mind
Def Con II
Deutschland (Remeber The Past)
Diabolic Plot
Disorder Of The Order
Dog Eat Dog
Down On Your Knees
Feel The Pain
Finished With The Dogs
Five Year Plan
Fuck You
Guns'N Moses
Heaven Vs. Hell
Hell On Earth
I Bleed
In The Slaughterhouse
Jungle Of Lies
Locky Popster
Lost In The Maze
Master Of Disaster
Near Dark
Panic (с переводом)
Permission To Fire
Princess Of Hell
Process Of Pain
Reborn Dogs
Ssp (Secret Service Project)
State: Catatonic
Strange Deceptions
Summer Kills
Taste My Blood
The Brood
The Hand Of Death
Third Birth
Too Drunk To Fuck
We Are At War
Welcome To The Real World
World Chaos