From: Kate [email protected]

What wishes will we make when the season is near
will your dreams be the same as they were last year
Will you ask for a little
Will you ask for a lot
and when you make your list,
will there be something you forgot?

Chorus: How 'bout peace on earth
it can't be bought or sold
how 'bout peace this Christmas and someone's hand to hold
how 'bout love in our hearts and hope for you and me
how 'bout peace on earth
that's what Christmas should be

You get all the things that you've been waiting for
snowfall and presents
choirs singing at your door
and your season will be perfect like those picture postcard scenes
but is that the answer
is that what Christmas really means?

Repeat chorus

What would you sacrifice,
what would you give away
for the greatest gift of all on
Christmas Day?

Repeat chorus twice

fading: Merry Christmas

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