Angry Fists (с табами)
Asian Pride
Brand New Sunset
California Dreamin'
California Dreaming (с аккордами)
Can't Help Falling In Love
Catch A Wave
Dance In The Brightly Moonlight
Dear My Friend
Dear My Friends
Endless Trip
Fighting First Angry Soul (с аккордами)
Fighting Fists Angry Soul (с аккордами)
Gotta Pull Myself Together (с аккордами)
Green Acres
Growing Up
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
I'm Walkin'
In The Bright Moonlight (с аккордами)
Just Rock
Kiss Me Again
Making The Road Blues
Maximum Overdrive
My First Kiss
My Own Fuckin' Way
My Sweet Dog (с аккордами)
New Life
No Heroes
Pink Panther (с аккордами)
Please Please Please
Please Please Please
Saturday Night
Since You Been Gone
Since You Been Gone
Standing Still
Starry Night
Start Today
Stay Gold
Stop The Time
Summer Of Love
Summer Of Love (с аккордами)
Sunny Day
Sunshine Baby (с аккордами)
Teenagers Are All Assholes
Tell Me Something, Happy News
The Kids Are Alright
The Kids Are Alright (с аккордами)
This Is Love
Tinkerbell Hates Goatees
Turning Back
Turning Back (с аккордами)
Wait For The Sun
Wait For The Sun (с аккордами)
Who'll Be The Next