Right about now
She??™s happy to let the morning
Sun through the window
Kiss her face
Right about now
I bet she??™s finishing up her crossword
Loving the way her coffee taste
Right about now
I wish I was more than just a memory to her
But I didn??™t listen somehow
When she said, you??™ll miss me if you go
And I swore before I slammed the door
I??™ll never think of you again
Oh, I was so wrong back then
And she was so right about now
Right about now
Shouldn??™t I be the one
Who??™s better for all the time that??™s passed
Oh, and shouldn??™t I be
The one who telling friends
I??™m happy to be alone at last
There??™s nothing right about now
It??™s just like she promised on the day I left her
What goes around comes around
Right about now
Shouldn??™t I be the on

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