(What A) Wonderful World
A kind of hush
A Must to Avoid (с табами)
A Must to Avoid
A Must To Avoid (с аккордами)
Big Man
Big Man
Bus Stop
Busy Line
Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Cant You Hear my Heart Beat (с табами)
Cant You Hear My Heart Beat (с аккордами)
Dial My Number
Don't Go Out into the Rain
East West (с табами)
East West (с аккордами)
End Of The World
Ferry Across the Mersey
For Your Love
God Knows
God Knows
Got a Feelin'
Henry the eighth I am
Hold On
I Can Take Or Leave Your Lovin'
I Gotta Dream On
I Know Why
I Know Why
I'll Never Dance Again
I'm Henry the Eighth I Am
I'm Henry VIII, I Am
I'm Into Something Good (с переводом)
If I Fell
Im Henry Viii (с табами)
Im Henry Viii i am (с табами)
Im Into Something Good (с табами)
Im Into Something Good (с аккордами)
Just a Little Bit Better (с табами)
Just a Little Bit Better
Just a Little Bit Better (с табами)
Just a Little Bit Better
Last Bus Home
Leaning on a Lamp Post
Leaning on The Lamp Post
Listen People
Little Boy Sad
Little Boy Sad
Little miss sorrow, Child tomorrow
Make Me Happy
Moonshine Man
Mrs Brown (с табами)
Mrs Brown (с аккордами)
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter
Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
Must to avoid
My Old Dutch
My Reservation's Been Confirmed
My sentimental friend
Needles and Pins
No Milk Today (с табами)
No Milk Today
Oh Mr. Porter
Sea Cruise
Sentimental Friend
Silohouettes (с табами)
Steady Eddy
Take Love, Give Love
Tell Me Baby
The Angels Are Crying in Heaven Tonight
The Door Swings Both Ways
The End of the World
The George and the Dragon
The Man With the Cigar
The Story Of My Life
There's a Kind of Hush
There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
Theres a Kind of Hush (с табами)
Theres A Kind Of Hush (с аккордами)
Travelin' light
Traveling Light
Upstairs, Downstairs
Walkin' With My Angel
What Is Wrong What Is Right
Where Were You When I Needed You
Wonderful World