Look up now into the mirror that you despise,
Keep looking ¸over your shoulder, (they shadow me and always be around)
It's living in you, on you, eating you alive!
Appears the striking ressemblance, appears your scars,
Confront the horrors of self!

What no one knows is why you fear, those ???
Only horror ??? time,
Concede what has been lost,
Spitting into your own reflection,
Spewing ??? reality,
You're just a spec of sand in an endless desert of agony!

Horrors of self!

I must confront this!
Confront the horror!

Horrors of self, Must be confronted to be forgiven,
Horrors of self, Conceal my time annihilate the past (to/without) be forgotten,
Horrors of self, Must be confronted to be forgiven.
Horrors of self, Must be revealed to achieve constriction,
Horrors of self!

(Thanks to Brittany for these lyrics)

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