(Johnny Gioeli, Joey Gioeli, Neal Schon)
She comes on like a freight train, sailing on the tracks again
She'll shift that heart into high gear, to get away from where she's been
And I heard her comin' from a mile away, yeah I felt the ground shake
If you want a ride or come crawlin' to the fire, man that's your first mistake
Well you're smooth like sand, but you're spoiled like a man
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You leave a bad taste, honey (yeah, bad taste), such a bad, bad taste
Such a sad taste, honey (yeah, bad taste), oh you leave me with this
Bad, bad taste

Ooh, it comes around, there's somethin' goin' down

Fast cars and silhouetted boats, speed up with a lot of noise
Well I caught it on the late news, girl
You've been playing with another man's toys
Now who's gonna be the lucky one, who will beat your hungry past
When you climb real high in the money tree, honey
Shake it, shake it, girl, like you did to me, yeah

Smooth like sand, but you're spoiled like a man, yeah yeah yes you know

(chorus repeats 2x...)

She leaves a bad taste


(chorus repeats 2x...)

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