I'd like to tell a story if you folks wouldn't mind
But this one is true and it really happened in that little hometown of mine
There was a kind old colored feller who the folks was always fond
I don't even remember what his last name was we always just called him Uncle John
Why I remember when I was little I used to go and see him nearly every day
Just to sit and hear his stories an' while some time away
Why he was in his height of Glory when there was children around his feet
I've seen him laugh right out loud and say Lord God your children show is sweet
I know in his big wide world there must be kind folks by the bushel
But I just believe that in this one old man Lord put something special
Why I've seen times when folks was sick that the old man would walk for miles
Just to offer his assistance and try to help out a little while
He was always doin' things like that givin' when he couldn't afford
Funny thing was though he never did ask for no pay
Said he was always a workin' for the Lord
Now Uncle John have the sickness that he didn't know about
Folks didn't know whether to tell him or just let him live without
But then one day they decided they oughta let him know
So they asked Doc boy if he go tell him and he said yeah he'd go
He found old John sittin' in his homemade rockin' chair
Thumbin' thru a worn out Bible and readin' little scriptures here and there
The Doc was scared and he was nervous cause he didn't know quite where to start
Don't you know his conscience fought him he come to break the old man's heart
But he gathered up his courage and he found the words to say
Uncle John the Lord's comin' and he's gonna take you away
Why there must've been a choir of angels started singin' in that old man's ears
For a great big smile come on him and his eyes broke out in tears
And he said why Doctor boy that's the most glorious news I ever heard
I've been livin' almost eighty five years now just to hear them blessed words
Now to know that he's finally callin' me to leave this earthly sod
Why Doc I've just been livin' this old life so's I can get to meet my God

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