Pardon the crazy way I behave
And the things I say
Maybe I'm too young to know the score
But there's something inside not right
Wish I could vocalize
If I screamed would you realize
Feeling Iike a child without his toys
But just want to tell you...

Everything's all right
L'm just looking at you through
Crazy eyes toniqht
So if I'm acting kind of strange
I'm just looking through crazy eyes

Cloudy day say it Iooks like rain
What's the use, I know it's all the same
Read a magazine, electric light
Is keeping me from my dreams
How do I sound to you?
Like a fool, a little cuckoo too
I only wish I know what I should do
Believe me when teIl you


Everything seems to have changed
I don't even know my name
I wish I could place the blame on someone
But there's no one -


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