OhI need a change of season
OhI want a little springtime in the fall
OhI could use a change of season
Can’t stop thinkin’ about it baby
And I’m sick about it yeah

OhI’ve been trying to fight this feeling
I know just one little brick
Can break the wall
Oh I might find a change of season
Will bring a freeze in the summerbaby

Seasons changepeople change
But you can’t hold back the clock
Cause time won’t stop for you and me
And the world keeps spinning ’round

Feels like time for a change of season
It’s a crime that I should feel this way at all
I can’t even find a reason
What do you think about it baby
What you think about ityeah

Seasons changepeople change
You can’t turn back the clock
Notime won’t stop for you and me
The world keeps spinning ’round

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