When there is no animation, we slowly lose control
I feel all caught up in this situation, it turns diamonds into coal
I feels just like our love is paralyzed, we've gotten used to being coal
In this day and age it seems so civilized, and lovin' gets me body sold
I feel the comforts of stagnation, we're paralyzed by precious stones
And by own source we walk to our damnation, time to buy my golden ring
{guitar solo}
When I, try to talk I can't say a word
When I try to move, a horizontal walk
I try to sing, I can't find the key we're in
Try to touch, but my nerves go AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
{guitar solo}
When there is no animation, when there is no animation
Well there is no animation, Yeaaaaaah!
But you would act on how I'd fall down
Baby, if we're flyin' without a net
Too much temptation, all around
Try not to get your feet too wet
When there is no animation......................

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