[Music:Hallman & Terror]

We the rulers of the earth have come forth,the mightiest of powers known to
Eminating strenght inflicting mass suicide,stifling with the caress of my
Judgement day has come,the trial has begun,this time you will pay for your
Sparing none with the verdict comes,a lifetime of pain
There's no escaping my grasp


Years upon years of destruction,mindless annihilation
Careless devastation,putrid vile animation


Ravenous minds driven by greed,sordid desires obliterated the earth
Terrestrial sphere on the brink of extinction

Inbred need to destroy,never thinking ahead
Mindless advances,deathly consequences,struggling on to the end
Misguided asinine headless horsemen,imprudent irrational senseless thieves
Raging slaying exterminating,subversives with no right to be


Thunderous chaos begins,earth received it's final blow
Life on the brink of extinction,all fear of the incompetence of man
Opening wide another gaping wound,it's life force flows from within
Mutilate devastate exportation,to follow mankind into hell


We know the end is near,If we had only seen the signs
It is too late to save ourselves

Will the defendant please rise and await your sentence
This court finds you guilty,condemnede to a life in hell
Hell on earth

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