A Short History Of The End Of The World (с аккордами)
Abyss Of Woe
Antarctican Drinking Song
Baby Raper
Baby Raper (с аккордами)
Back In Crack
Back To Iraq
Bad Bad Men
Battle Lust
Beauteous Rot
Billy Bad Ass
Black And Huge
Bloody Mary
Bone Meal
Bonesnapper (The Faces Of The Slain)
Bring Back The Bomb
Captain Crunch
Cool Place To Park
Crack In The Egg
Crush Kill Destroy
Death Pod
Decay Of Grandeur
Dirty Filthy
Don't Need A Man
Eat Steel
Eight Lock
Endless Apocalypse
Escape From The Mooselodge
Escape From The Mooselodge (с аккордами)
Filthy Flow
Fire in The Lions
First Rule is
Fishfuck (с аккордами)
Fistful Of Teeth
Fuckin A Animal (с аккордами)
Fuckin An Animal (с аккордами)
Fuckin' an Animal
Gilded Lily
Go To Hell!
Gonna Kill u
Gor- Gor
Gwar Theme
Ham on The Bone
Happy Death Day
Have You Seen me (с табами)
Have You Seen Me (с аккордами)
Have You Seen Me?
Have You Seen Me_
Horror of Yig
I Hate Love Songs
I Hate Love Songs (с аккордами)
I Love The Pigs
I Suck on my Thumb
I'm in Love (with a Dead Dog)
If i Could be That
Immortal Corrupter
In Her Fear
Jack The World
Je M'appelle j. Cousteau
Jiggle The Handle
King Queen
Krak Down
Lets Blame The Lightman
Lost God
Love Surgery (с табами)
Love Surgery
Love Surgery (с аккордами)
Mary Anne
Meat Sandwich
Message From The Scallop Boat
Morality Squad (с аккордами)
Murderer's Muse
My Girly Ways
My Knife if Yer Guts
Nitro Burning Funny Bong (с аккордами)
Nitro-burnin' Funny Bong
None But The Brave
Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7 (с табами)
Obliteration Of Flab Quarv 7 (с аккордами)
Ollie North
Penguin Attack
Penile Drip
Penis i See
Pocket Pool
Poor Ole Tom
Preschool Prostitute
Private Pain Techno Destructo (с табами)
Private Pain Techno Destructo (с аккордами)
Pure as The Arctic Snow
Pussy Planet
Road Behind (с аккордами)
Rock & Roll Party Town
Rock n Roll Never Feel so Good
Rock n Roll Never Felt so Good
Saddam a Go-go
Salaminizer (с табами)
School's Out
Sex Cow
Sexecutioner (с аккордами)
Sick of You (с табами)
Sick of You
Slap u Around (с табами)
Slap u Around
Slap U Around (с аккордами)
Slap You Around (с аккордами)
Slaughterama (с аккордами)
Slutman City
Slutman City (с аккордами)
Stalin's Organs
Suck On My Thumb (с аккордами)
Surf of Syn
Techno's Song
The Apes Of Wrath
The Bonus Plan
The Insidious Sililquay of Skulhed Face
The Issue of Tissue (spacecake)
The Master Has a Butt
The Morality Squad
The Morality Squad (с табами)
The Morality Squad (с аккордами)
The New Plague
The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7
The One Will Not Be Named
The Performer
The Performer (с аккордами)
The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
The Reaganator
The Road Behind
The Salaminizer
The Song Of Words
The Ultimate Bohab
The Wheel
The Years Without Light
Think ya Outta Know This
Time For Death
Time For Death (с табами)
Tune From da Moon
U Ain't Shit
Vlad The Impaler
Vlap The Impaler (с аккордами)
War Is All We Know
War Party
War Toy
We Kill Everything
Womb With A View
World o' Filth
You Can'T Kill Terror