The days when ancient blood
Will awake in the hearts of white men and women
Our banners will rise to the sky
And will flap with joy on wind
Ancient widsom and strength will return
Divided nation will become unity
And cry of thousands of throats
Will disperse darkness
Clearing a way for Swarozyc light
The gates to source of our might
On rushing shining chariots
Heroes of nation will return us our pride

Fire will be brought to life
And will light forever
In it's warm and lights of flames
New generations will be bred
When ancient blood will return us our will
We will not be afraid of darkness any more
And Swarozyc light will disperse the darkness of night
In bloody struggle fighting bravely
Through courage and bravery
Looking into death's eyes
We will join proud heroes
Who with might and main gave their lives away
And belong to the past fighting
For honor and pride of our race
When blood of ours and of our enemies
With falsehood and lies put to sleep
Will awake from a long sleep

In darkness of night swords will shine
And squeal of coming death
WIll bring fear to the enemy
In flames of victory and glory
Words full of honor and pride
Will be brought back to light
In deadly struggle spilling our blood
We will raise banners of victory
Signs of triumph and rebirth
In flames of Swarozyc light
On our defiled soil
When ancient blood
Will awake in us

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