Aimless Lady (с аккордами)
Aimless Lady
Ain't Got Nobody
All The Girls In The World Beware!!!
All You've Got Is Money
American Band
Anybody's Answer
Are You Ready
Bad Time (с табами)
Bad Time
Big Buns
Black Licorice
Born To Die
Call Yourself A Man
Can You Do It
Can't Be Too Long (с переводом)
Carry Me Through
Closer to Home (с табами)
Comfort Me
Country Road
Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun
Feelin Alright (с аккордами)
Feelin' Alright
Footstompin Music
Get It Together
Gimmie Shelter
Good Things
Got This Thing On The Move
Heartbreaker (с аккордами)
High Falootin' Woman
High On A Horse
Hooked On Love
I Can Feel Him In The Morning
I Don't Have To Sing The Blues
I'm Your Captain
I'm Your Captain
Im Your Captain (с табами)
Im Your Captain Closer To Home (с аккордами)
Inside Looking Out
Inside Looking Out (с аккордами)
Into The Sun
Into The Sun (с аккордами)
Loco Motion
Locomotive (с табами)
Love Is Dyin'
Mean Mistreater
Nothing Is The Same
Rock And Roll Soul
Shinin on
Sin's A Good Man's Brother
So You Won't Have To Die
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Loco-Motion
The Loco-motion (little Eva)
Time Machine
Time Machine (с аккордами)
Ups And Downs
Walk Like A Man
Walk Like a Mangfr
Were an American Band
Were an American Band (с табами)
Were An American Band (с аккордами)
Winter And My Soul